My passion for Real Estate started in 2007 , although it was not until 2015that I became a licensed agent. I quickly knew I had found my favorite job!

I have worked with people for my entire adult life in one career or another. I have held a cosmetology license for 35 years and owned a few salons , so working with people was second nature. I have been pleasantly surprised as to the similarities of the two. Salon work has a sort of intimacy I would not have expected to be so closely related to home sales. I love the connection I form with all my clients. I know that is the reason I find this career so rewarding, having a buyer say to me “This is the one!” “ I just feel at HOME here!” is the best.

Selling homes is so rewarding as well, knowing that my seller is at ease with handing over the keys to their homes new owner is a great feeling. I understand that your home has seen you at your best and at your worst, that is has been the holder of memories . Moving is a high stress and super excitement!

I am now a Managing Broker and Owner, constantly keeping up with the new laws, advertising genres and social media. I strive to offer the best of me to serve clients, while staying true to my small town values . I love Lewis County and our Mountains and Lakes! I live for the camaraderie of the families who appreciate the land , the privacy and seclusion of this beautiful area.

I use the natural resources of our area on my days off. I am active is the equine community and support many of the local festivals . My husband and sons are avid hunters, fishermen, skiers and hikers. I love our small schools and try to support them as often as possible. Growing up here has been such a blessing , almost a great as raising my sons here.

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